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David Schneider


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About Me

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As an experienced professional celebrant I ensure that your loved one's life story is told with warmth, empathy, compassion and also the right amount of humour and good stories. You want to have a smile at the right time and also ensure that you have a good balance. I always say, it is not the comedy festival, great stories are wonderful and engaging, telling bad jokes does not work.

I believe that it is a huge privilege to be asked to conduct a funeral ceremony and my fulfilment comes from creating a ceremony that is beautiful, full of lasting memories and that also honours the life of the person who has died.

My primary task is to assist families in creating such a funeral. Each ceremony is as unique as the person they are for.

Life is a journey ~ a journey that we all make during the time that we have on this earth and, whilst birth is usually seen as a joyous occasion and something to celebrate, death can sadly be associated with feelings of great loss and sorrow, feelings that we may experience at a confusing time when we can feel too emotional to cope.

You can have the service you want. I will meet with you to discuss your ideas, beliefs and desires so we can create a service that is a true and deeply individual reflection of the person who has died. The service can include readings, songs, poems and music. We can include prayers or equally we can have no religious content at all.  You may want to involve lots of family and friends in the service or you may want me to take the whole service- what ever you prefer I am here to help you say farewell in a fitting and memorable way.

David Schneider Professional Celebrant

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